17 January 2014

December Fire Blog resolution and things that lead me to....

Some people were interested in seeing what I did to resolve this piece. Others were just not all that impressed with the month's technique, myself being one. It was a bad health month for me but now I like where this went. To me it is soothing which was the point.

 This is where I left it with this glob of roving attempting to close the gap. The biggest problem is that the wool material was woven and not felted adding to the problem of bunching and pulling inner white threads to the surface.

I cut out the offending section and when I turned it over realized the "other side" looked pretty nice. Too late. Had I known, I would have left it intact, felted from back to front, then done the stitching.

Bumpy, yucky side

Back side. Pretty nice blending of roving.

Iron- on Pellon to try to keep the two sections together.

Three or four years ago I made this and then RUINED it with that horrible square glob in the center of the quilt!! I will resolve this problem.

 Meanwhile, I thought the addition of stitches like these would pull the whole December piece together so I chose some Madiera Lana (50% wool, 50% nylon) thread

Ready to stitch

I initially thought I would stitch this onto this beautiful linen and after re-cutting the stretcher to size, stretch it on to the frame. I couldn't do that successfully and ended up trimming away the linen not holding the thread and using Matt Medium to "glue" it on to the stretcher.

Re-cut and even that I almost managed to screw up!! Boy this piece has been a "learning experience"

Re-cut stretcher with primed and painted linen on the left. The one on the right is a 12 X 12 stretcher commercial canvas. More about that later.

Paint from the stretcher that I rested on my leg. Yes, another learning opportunity. Can I blame this on Chemo brain?? I say, yes!

Done and I am happy with it. Minimal and soothing.

On stretcher and these colors are the most accurate.

Close up although the colors are off since we are having more freezing rain so I am using artificial light.

Another upshoot of this project was getting out that older piece. As many of you know I hate UFO's. Suddenly the thought came to me (thank you Universe) to carefully use an X-acto knife to cut away the acrylic painted fusible (yes, I actually ironed that on) and it worked perfectly if not quickly. I am mounting that on the 12 X 12 studio frame

Happy with both!!


  1. Nice! Just goes to show... when it doesn't come together the first time, put it aside and let it perk in the back of the mind (even with chemo brain!), and something may eventually come up to inspire another look. I think you did 2 nice saves here, and got a lot of good learning in as well! Thanks for letting us see the final results!

  2. Nice color stiches, the felt parts are beautiful of the blue and green color.

  3. Both of them turned out very nice.

  4. Next post I took one more step with the old piece so check it out Monday.

  5. These are really looking great! Deep, saturated greens and blues are striking!


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