08 January 2014

Free motion begins

Now this looks better. Backing cut and pinned in place.

I thought I might use these cool clips to hold back the other circles in the strip. It was a brilliant idea but I ended up losing them after a while.

On DMTV yesterday, Linda Kemshall really emphasized sampling and testing before starting a piece. I have had this half circle kicking around so I sandwiched it up with batting and an actual piece of the backing material. I needed to warm up my free motion as well and see how the colors looked on the actual circle.

The color is way off. A blizzard today has covered my skylights so I am working in artificial light - again! It is hard to see but I free motioned the purple in the Superior thread, periwinkle, that I used to assemble the quilt. It matched - almost too well. I used a nice olive rayon embroidery thread. I used this because I had it, the rayon looks good and is also a very thin thread.

This is the olive rayon thread.

I have been having CONSTANT problems with the thread catching and breaking and after repeated re-threading I finally gave up and changed machines.
This is a brand new Janome and I can't figure out why it won't sew.

Here is the first motif. I did the image in the periwinkle (fair) and the circles in a gold color. The gold is OK but not as nice as the olive. I will however use it again, I'm sure.

This was all done in olive and I like it. You can also see a bit of the purple  sewn in a meander like vermicelli. Of course the second circle will always look better because of practice. I am enjoying the time I am taking and just the process of actually sewing and enjoying myself after so long. Very satisfying!

Last 2 circles of the day 

 Two green and one gold thread I am using.

I just finished the last 2 blocks so now I am finished the the first strip.


  1. Oh, my... how beautiful your blocks are with the stitching and designs! I hope your thread problems are behind you... nothing worse than fighting thread! Can't wait to see this one done, and I'm really glad you are feeling up to the task!

  2. LOVE your quilting designs, especially the next to last one!

  3. all the circle's are special motifs, the color of your thread makes its beautiful and I hope that the problems with your Janome are history.

  4. Wonderful...I love it!
    A Happy New Year!


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