03 September 2018

Prezzies from Rita

Rita was having a clean out and brought her outcasts to me!! Aren't I the lucky one!!

In order of how much I love them:

Ink samples of red, orange, purple and green ink. Yum!!

Grumbacher oil pastels

Ink cartridges for my Lamy pens.

You never know when you might need stick on letters

She had borrowed this little book 2.75 X 3.25.

I stitched each signature in a pamphlet stitch then gathered all the threads into a braid with a large bead and wove the signatures together through their stitches. That is my hand dyed thread for the weaving.


  1. Always nice to get some gifts, and you will for sure use the stuff too. Nice book you made, you are very good in that!

  2. Very nice goodies!! Love what you did on the book!! Yay friends!! I get some of the most unexpected items that I would never have gotten for myself, but I love them!! Thanks for such a nice blog you put out for us.

  3. I love that little book!!! I have a whole jar of that pink ink for you, I switched to purple! and something else...If anyone can put them to great creative use, or share them with your students, It's you...

    1. I love my little book because it is so soft (linen?)


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