07 September 2018

Summer chair cushions

So you probably all know my friend Marcella by now. I wanted to have aprons for the workshop participants with my logo on them, so Marcella managed to find a great deal and bought me 27. In exchange she asked me to reupholster the seats of two wicker chairs she had in her summer home. She repainted the chairs and brought me the old cushions which I actually liked a lot.

The fabric she bought was genius because the fish where upright whether the fabric was up or down.

I am using the old seat cushion pieces as a pattern. The books on the table were two Rita had borrowed and was returning.

snip snip

Sewing in the zip.


Waiting to go home.

An addition to the Derwent Museum pictures
This photo tells where the term "Black Market" originated. Fascinating

Interesting that punishment included seven years in the "colonies".


  1. Love the cushions! You do great work! As for the black market, that's really interesting. Love the part about being sent to the colonies as a form of punishment... my, how things change! ;-)

  2. And you upholster too!! Honored to have a connection here to that magic table of yours, in that magic studio of yours...


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