24 September 2018

Maine Event - dinner and a show (and tell)

One of the best parts of our event is having dinner together followed by show and tell.  I had it catered for the first 2 years but the second year was awful so I decided to try to make Lasagna. Last year it was still cold so I left it in the oven at 450 for an additional hour. This year I baked it for two hours but it really wasn't hot enough. Next year a new menu however ALWAYS finished with my special carrot cake.

This picture is for Palette. I'm sure she would love to dive into this frosting!!

Room for fifteen.

Here comes the lasagna.

Judy's work

Lisa's work

Melinda's Spirit Dolls

Sue's work

Paulette's work

Indigo dyed stick woman with a felted moon

 My work

We all had such a great night. Now some sleep.

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  1. Looks like a great end to a very successful event! Lots of beautiful work there by your crew!

    1. This is the Saturday night dinner and show and tell. Sunday was the last day and that will be Monday's post. It WAS a ball!!

  2. I love your event, you have worked great! The works created by the participants look wonderful. I would have liked to be there ... but I was on a mountain trip, in Romania!

  3. Fun to see, fun pictures of you sharing...


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