19 September 2018

The Maine Event day one

The first day of the Maine Event is the same format each year. We call it all day dyeing and by the end of the day my feet were dying. We did low water immersion in bags and plastic bins, acid dyeing in my microwave, and the EVER popular indigo vat using shibori and batik with both MX dyes and indigo.

A bit more about the format of the three day event. On day two, you can continue to dye with MX, acid or indigo. I made a new vat of three gallons of indigo EACH day. I am thrilled to say they were used up - no indigo left in the bucket - as opposed to exhausted - no longer able to dye, expired. This is my OLD recipe and we got DARK indigo dyes with 5 to 10 seconds in the vat and it remained dark all day. Since each day is a different techniques, participants can be doing work using the techniques and materials on day three from all three days. I think you get what I'm saying. Just do more of what you are interested in doing.

Just warming up.

Felted Icelandic merino collar/shawl. FABULOUS

Above and below are the "before" pics of a weak indigo batik dye project with the wax left in.

This is the "after" and they dried just as dark as in this photo.

Three acid dyed hanks

We like hanging things in the trees to dry. So much more beautiful than a clothes line.

Some last minute pre-soaked fabrics along with some MX dyes.


Obviously after consuming nine gallons of indigo, there were many pieces done including shibori, hats. wool in as many formats as you can imagine. We must have been in a frenzy not to have gotten more photos.

A cotton shopping bag just ASKING to get dyed!!


  1. OMG, what a wonderful event! You must be exhausted, but it looks like everyone had a great time, and made beautiful cloth, and other wonderful fibers!

    1. We all had a ball and that was just day one. Wait til tomorrow - WOW

  2. Congratulations, how much work, what admirable things you did!


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