28 September 2018

After event play time

This may actually go on for quite a while. I have lots of thickened dye and liquid dye concentrate in my refrigerator. Today, being Sunday, I change my sheets. I have a coverlet I throw over my puff which is white to keep dirty dog feet at bay. I spot died this a few years ago because it was white as well and boring. It came out so anemic it was BEGGING to be dyed.

I had this bin in my kitchen to load up all the thickened dyes in quart containers so I decided to use it for the coverlet as well.

I have been searching for the original photo I had taken but you'll have to be happy with this one.

Too pale for me and too much white/light areas. I have a need for color.I added a few quartz of warm water.

Then a scant gallon of left over basic blue (about a pint of concentrate), maybe a quarter cup of intense blue and as much again of fuchsia then the warm water I rinsed the bottle with to bring it close to a gallon. I waited about 15 minutes for the dye to find and migrate into the fibers then...

A gallon of warm soda ash solution

YES, those are gloves but I didn't use them for the dye, just touching the dye bath after adding soda ash. I really don't like touching soda ash solution.

It actually looks much darker in real life.

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