12 January 2015

Working on a new piece

This fall after coming home from the Crow Barn and Terry Garrard Dimonds boot camp, I had a dream. I sketched out the image/idea which I'd show you but it just looks like a few lines. Anyway, one of the components is using black and gold. I have always loved Klimt and although not a blingy person, his use of gold really resonates with me. The black and gold was definitely part of my "vision" for this piece. 

It also involves a white/cream section and I am finding that the hardest to create! How? Dye, paint, thermofax screens, silk screens?

Well, I am starting with the black and gold sections trying all sorts of materials which is really fun. Then what? What do I do WITH the materials. I have been coming up with ideas.

So far this was stage one.

Stamping with gold ProBrite fabric paint on black linen and white cotton

The linen was so textured the paint looks faint. Note to self: Try black cotton

Would you believe candy wrappers with Wonder Under ironed on the back?


  1. Yes, there's lots of interesting materials to be found in the rubbish bin! :-)

  2. Dreaming of a piece and experimenting is so pleasurable, enjoy the process. Gold, so fun.

  3. They have a bit of mystery & mystique about them, these gold symbols...


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