07 January 2015

Playing with Tyvec

When Judith and I were waiting for our paste paper to dry, Judith wanted to play with Tyvec. I had shown her all the beautiful pieces Joke had sent me and Judith wanted to try it too. 
I had been saving Tyvec envelopes for YEAR (where were they now?) so had everything we needed. We decided to use ProBrite fabric paints because of the mica which gives the hues a warm glow. We tried some experiments which didn't work but when we have perfected them, you'll be the first to know. 

These are the 6 pieces I painted and heated.

I was looking on YouTube trying to find some videos on Tyvec that didn't involve putting it on your house when I came across this one.

So I set off on a Tyvec bead making adventure. This is where I started.

I started by painting both sides of the Tyvec different colors

This is the sea mist green and chocolate bead with gold string.

This is the same material but rolled with the other (chocolate) color out

This is the long triangle of Tyvec painted on both sides and the slits along the edge.

Rolled on to a knitting needle and the end secured with a straight pin.

Very nice.

Thicker metallic threads

Another piece that is really wide.

Secured with a pin

OOO! Crunchy looking but actual quite soft

With beads. You can see the drop of Elmers I put on the knot to make sure it held.

What would a bead look like from a tiny piece of un-notched Tyvec look like?

Looks like it came from a horror movie - the bead from the Black Lagoon!


  1. Beth, seriously, I am sew trying to focus on fabric this year and I am constantly finding the most glorious non fibre yummies! :^)

  2. You certainly had fun :-)

  3. What a blast! I'm so far away from my Tyvec, paint, and heat gun!!! Can't wait to try this. Honestly, these blogs are so wonderful and utterly distracting.

  4. cool...I bought some kite-making tyvec with the intention of using it for some fiber-y type project this year...so I will keep following your progress!

  5. Haven't done it in awhile but I love playing with Tyvec. Great post and pictures as always.

  6. I love tyke beads, the textures are amazing.

  7. OMG! These are fabulous! I will try to find time to watch the video soon, but will have to put off trying this until my studio remodel is done, as everything is packed up in the garage. You are a wonder, and I love your results!


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