16 January 2015

Some experiments

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One of the things that I needed to work out was exactly how to attach some of these materials to the background which is 100% wool. I only have a small piece of navy so dark it almost looks black. It is top quality suiting and fusible web loves it. I now know I need to buy another piece of wool with plenty to spare so I can experiment on it. The fabric above is cotton on synthetic (cheap) felt. The reason I tried this was that I need a dark "batting" on this strip of fabric since the background fabric will be creme/white. So what did I do but attach all my experimental materials to the felt side by mistake. Ordinarily this wouldn't be a problem but I used a hot iron to attach the long strip of gold candy wrapper to the felt and it almost melted - yikes! The iron got so close to the gold Tyvec on the upper left that it burned holes in it. Must remember!!

Then I thought I'd try machine stitching and see the visual affect on Tyvec. I like it when the stitches go completely across the Tyvec and disappear in the black background. The gold piece with a square of stitching looks terrible. I also thought of cutting one of my Tyvec "beads" in half and stitching that down. I like that a lot! I then tried some heavy metallic   thread in the bobbin to see how it showed up on the felt.

Lower  left is a strip of Tyvec I had previously "bubbled". There is another Tyvec split bead (love those colors) and small grouping of fused cottons, hand stitching over the gold candy wrapper with Madeira Lana (wool /nylon) and a small circle of Sari yarn.

A nice closeup. I think the hand stitching with Lana will be in evidence on the finished piece.

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  1. I need to incorporate more experiments in my play time. thanks


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