14 January 2015

More experiments with gold

While I was painting Probrite paints on the Tyvec for beads, I realized I really like the look and texture of the painted Tyvec. I did a bit of a comparison of the Probrite with crushed mica and some metallic acrylic paints I had on hand. As you can see by my notes, this acrylic paint was called Chroma Molten Metal.  They were thin even with 2 coats applied.

I also tried the paint on black and white cotton. Since I'm not sure of my process yet, I want to try lots of materials. The acrylic paint was pretty stiff on the fabric.

The Probrite looks great on the Tyvec and it was very soft on the fabric.

Then I figured, why not try all of my Probrite colors on black and see what they look like. I then ordered 3 more colors: lavender, red and blue. Oh boy, more stuff to play with!

By the way, I have used the Neutral with stamps many times and they look wonderful. It is clear fabric paint with crushed mica.


  1. I'm not familiar with this product but it seems to have good coverage.

  2. I haven't heard of Probrite but it looks effective.

  3. Lovely colours and it looks as if you're having fun experimenting!


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