09 January 2015

While I was "trying" to cleanup

I found all these small pieces of painted Tyvec and of course I couldn't just put them away! So I made a few more beads.

These beads with two colors on both sides really are lovely and the mica in the ProBrite paint is very sparkly.

They look like exotic insects


  1. They look like they would be found on the forest floor of an enchanted fairy village! So beautiful...who knew that an old mailing envelope could become something enchanted!!

  2. Fabulous! But how do you get those fabulous curlicues?

  3. I rally like the green and gold one. Can you control how they curl?

  4. The beads also look like it took hours to make each of them! So glad I saw the previous post with the link to the process. NOW people have a better understanding of how you got the name for the Fire blog!

  5. Really unique...I never would have thought of 'fringing' the tyvek first. FYI...I attached a couple tyvek beads (used Jaquard's mica paint) to a T Shirt once...they went thru the wash (and the dryer) just fine! It was a designer shirt which did not get worn as everyday and consequently didn't get washed often.

  6. Wow, I wan t mica too!!! What a wonderful results


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