05 January 2015

Paste Paper Playdate with Judith

If you have never made paste paper please give it a try. Here is a handy dandy tutorial for great fun.
Judith and I have been wanting to make more paste paper so Friday we went nuts.

All sheets except the last one are 18 X 24.

What the chrysanthemum tool does when you twist it on the paper. (above)

Above a few drops of blue paint was drying on the smacker when I started to use it on the yellow. You can't even do that on purpose.

This was fun. Whenever I have a few drops of paint left, I run for my sketchbook so that instead of washing the paint down the drain, I somehow add it to my sketchbook. Well, today I didn't feel like walking upstairs to my studio so I took a half sheet of paper (18 X 12) and "deposited the paint" thinking I could glue it in the sketchbook later. I used the smacker first, placing left over paint on the smacker then smacking onto the dry paper. *Paste paper is made on wet paper. Then I used the chrysanthemum  tool

The chrysanthemum  tool named by Marcella's brother who was the first to make one. I just stole his idea!

One of Judith's stamps she made with self-stick fun foam stuck to scrap pieces of laminate flooring. Great idea Judith. Then I borrowed it!

This will never see the inside of my sketchbook. 


  1. Love it! How did you make the chrysanthemum tool?

  2. I had to look up 'smacking'. :O amazing technique. Could you do this on fabric?

  3. Appreciating your teaching here...I just cut my first cardboards...and then went to your sketchbook tutorial. So, I'm about to watch the coptic stitch video...PS My Blue-Violet Repository is filling up, a place for many little doodlings that were all over my table top!! I looked up synonyms for "repository" and one of them, indirectly is "library"!! Yay!! My new Blue-Violet Paper Library of ideas and etceteras! What spirit is has!! And how nice my table top looks! Merci, Beth.


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