19 January 2015

Made a new book

out of some of the paste paper Judith and I made. One of my friends wanted a sketchbook so I made a few sheets of paste paper just for her to chose from. This is the paper she chose.

Cut the paper and the bookboard

Glued the covers and inner liners.

Nice paper that will take some water folded into signatures each 16 pages. So front and back that will give her 160 pages.

Holes for coptic stitching made with my new (thin) awl.

Stitching done!! With the coptic stitching these books will lie flat. Tutorial here


  1. It looks great. I like the way that coptic stitching allows books to be used much more easily.

  2. Yay!!! Hello Beautiful book, so nice to see how you came to be!!!!!


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