21 January 2015

Judith came over

and we lost our minds having fun and riffing on what each other was doing. Oh man, what a fun day. This is what happens when Judith comes over and we end up doing things neither of us would have thought of on our own.
It all started with Judith making Tyvec beads. Now of course Judith being herself had to make these elaborate sheets of Tyvec which could stand alone as pieces of fine art. I will link to her blog. I made more of my two tone beads.

Then we started to make dolls out of twigs. We decided they needed heads so I tried this stuff I bought called stone clay. Horrible. I threw it away. Then I opened a tub of Crayola Air Dry Clay. Fabulous. It was dead cheap, easy to use and dried over night.

 I stuck my heads on to the sticks.

This little lady was sporting some cloth beads I had made Wednesday when Marcella came over. They were sitting on my desk so I popped them on her arm like bracelets. Will have to explore this idea more this weekend.

This is a face I have made may times before but today I added dimples.

This one I popped on to a chop stick, added a "clay vest" and stuck the twig arms into the clay

Now this little lady I made YEARS ago (like 9 years). She is made from another brand of air dry clay which I also liked. Once the container of clay is open, you better use it or it will harden. I love her hair. She also has a clay vest.


I had this fabulous idea to wrap the Tyvec around a twig for hands. This was my experiment.

It worked so well, I THEN decided to fringe cut the Tyvec on one side only and wrap it on a long twig.

Holy Cow. We were really in the groove. Now I can't show Judith's work but her stuff was out of sight and even involved rocks!!!

Plans for tomorrow - more twig wraps and work on the now dry dolls!! stay tuned!!!


  1. What a great idea to wrap the Tyvek to the twigs!Beautiful result.

  2. What a fun day! I'm ignoring your sculptures! ;^) No more ADDS!

  3. Okay, I particularly like the wire hair do - so quirky and fun! Looks like you two had a blast together. :-)

  4. Very cool! You two are great co-conspirators for each other! Love the wire hair too... the dolls are like primitive figures from ancient times... really fun!


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