28 January 2013

Visual Exercise 2

Visual exercise 2 is about making 30 stamps in 30 days. I of course said "What!" I'm not waiting 30 days. There was another option of 6 a day. Here are my stamps cut, with paint and on paper. I usually use a black washable ink pad but mine is over 20 years old and the ink is weak. I will go online and see if I can find some washable black ink recharging stuff. In the meantime, they are in black acrylic paint.

This E is a recurring symbol I use as well as an 8 with a line through it that I use as a signature. I also have another symbol which I can't explain but wil create and stck in this visual exercise.  LOVE the E

                                Above and below done 2-3 years ago


                                 Virgin stamps - haven't marked yet!!


  1. Great stamps! So many possibilities and very inspiring. The triangles remind me of folding and clamping with chopsticks I did last week with Elin Noble.

  2. Very nice. Approx. how large are these stamps? Love your work!


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