14 January 2013

An Aside - the tea cozy conundrum

I write these post so far in advance that occasionally something earth shaking occurs that needs to be reported. My friend, Marcella, found this fabulous website which will afford me an entire days reading - following all the links including the "Free Taster" workshops under the links -> magazines -> Workshops on the web. Click on taster. Fabulous Marcella and thanks so much for finding this amazing website/ group.

I frequently find myself making tea and forgetting to pour the steeped pot into a thermos. In an attempt to remedy this I started throwing a towel over the pot and tucking it in around the base to hold the heat in.

This worked so well I thought of making a cozy. Basically I am too lazy to knit and I don't like the look of crochet. While readying my guestroom for my brother Eric's arrival, I spotted some old white hand towels I used to use in the bathroom.
Facing another cold pot of tea, I ran upstairs, gabbed a towel, threw it over the pot, added a few pin and cut off the excess. I added a strip of Velcro to act as a closure and Voila!

Necessity is the mother of invention!

Also a bit of snow dyeing from a playdate with Marcella:


A hippie shirt from Marcella store which she gifted me with about a year ago.
It started out white.

Three rayon eternity scarves (77") sewn into a circle to wrap around your neck


  1. Love your snow dyes! Beautiful, soft muted tones and patterns. And your tea cozy is cute, although I am surprised you didn't make a flip & stitch one! As long as it does the job... we recently got a single serve beverage maker, and I am now an afternoon green tea drinker... yummy! But I cut my teeth on old fashioned steeped tea made with loose tea leaves, which my Grandma would then read when we finished our cups. Fond memories!

  2. Love that website! Thanks for the link. I love reading artist statements and seeing where their work goes from their thoughts.


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