30 January 2013

Old Marks

I have definitely been ruminating over dots and piercings. I am not ready to start making marks YET because I don't want to rush past the formulation, gathering and digestion of what I want exactly to do or where to first start on this trip.
So far I have assembled implements for mark making and substrates on which to mark.
At the same time the muse is hurling ideas , concepts and images at me even in my sleep. I am NOT a journaler. My handwriting is almost illegible but I am finding it necessary to keep all these ideas, concepts and images in a book so I have actually started to keep a written journal. (sigh) It is like taking poison. I did consider keeping it on my computer but I need it on my lap at night and perhaps to take it places with me so in total defeat, I have surrendered and picked up the pen.

The first marks (or at least one of the first) I made on paper was this image of a girl in pointillism. Sorry about the glare from the glass. I did her at 15 or 16.

This is a boy I did at about 19 or 20. I like the way the shading is done in diagonal strokes. These were done with no actual art training but I had studied art history at the University of Rome - no actual hands on training - just study. If I could only go back now...

This last sketch is a "final exam" from a sketching course in about 1993 when I returned to college for a few more degrees. I minored in art. I like the way the charcoal/chalk was affected by the bumpiness of the heavy paper. I have a 2/3 of the picture and a close-up cropped into an abstract composition.

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  1. Great to see your early work! I like especially the girl with the little dots.


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