09 January 2013

The other half of the "Marks"

These are the remainder of the marks from the book plus a few I added lose inside the book.

This is the other side of the pieced paper (exit wounds) with a graphite stick rubbed on the upper left corner.

Graphite stick rubbed on the textured surface of the gessoed and watercolor tinted papers which are quite stiff

This was an experiment scratching a mark in both heavy crayon and oil pastel.

A cardboard stamp

"Chalk Lifting" and not a very successful one at that. I will do more experiments with this and explain the technique then

Rolling a hard rubber brayer with black acrylic paint on a page of plain sketch paper.

This was without a doubt the most fun I had: stitching pieces of brown paper bag together. When I was done (that was all I was supposed to do - just stitch) I was overwhelmed with a need to work back into the surface with markers, ink and correction fluid. I will be doing a LOT more of this soon.

This was an unsuccessful attempt to saw rapidly from left to right through a line of paint. It just dragged. I have used this technique VERY successfully with other media - more experiments to document in the future.

Wetted finger tip in acrylic paint.

What I refer to as "smacks". It doesn't look very impressive here but I will do a post of this technique which has been amazingly successful - one of my favorites - with other media including thickened dye on cloth.

When I was done I wiped my acrylic paint covered Bondo blade on the paper making a smear. More about Bondo blades later.

India ink with Japanese calligraphy brush which is also a favorite for quick sketches

Variations of a triangle from the Visual Mark book exercises

Variations on a circle

Hand dyed scrim with oil pastels rubbed in

Oil pastels

White (l) and Green (r) China markers

Roller pen on paper with a metallic gold wash


  1. Very interesting experiments...

  2. Ooh! It looks like you're having lots of fun!

  3. I really like that scrim with pastels one... gives me ideas! ;)

  4. I think the scrim page is my favourite too! but they are all interesting in their own way! More please!

  5. You've had so much fun. I love the exit wounds!


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