21 January 2013

More mark making tools

These are actual implements meant for mark making. Later on I will make marks using these implements to sample the characteristics of the marks themselves. I'm sure these are not all of them. I will add others or discuss others if and when I use them. Also some of these things I have had for over 20 years, some were gifts and some were dead cheap.

From the top: a white gel pen, sharpie - fine point, disposable fountain pens (which I refill), a Chinese calligraphy brush, automatic pencil (I use loads of these) a ball writer, bamboo dip pen and my Duke fountain pen. I have a LOT of fountain pens and inks. I have 2 "expensive " pens (about $20. and about $30). Already made a note to self to never buy an expensive pen again. The disposables are smooth as silk, dead cheap and refillable.

Crayola Chalk from the grocery store

Cretacolor watercolor pencils (old Birthday gift)

Under $5. from Ocean State Job Lots

Another old BD gift. Cretacolor water soluble crayons ($7.??)

Cheap water soluble pastels from Blick

Cretacolor "Briques" - good for relief work

Every time I look at this box I get creeped out. I HATE clowns. Water soluble crayons from Blick ($4??) Then throw the box AWAY!!!

Cretacolor metallic crayons water soluble from Blick (old BD gift)

My second set of oil pastels from Blick

The first set I ordered came like this with one stick missing. When they sent me a new set as a replacement I asked for a different kind. They told me to keep the set with the missing stick. Lucky me!

These were very expensive (over $100. then) and a holiday gift from my then husband who drove 60 miles in an ice storm to get them. They are over 25 years old. I must have been MUCH better looking back then (smile)

Junk from the side of one table. It looked interesting so I took a picture. I see blue school glue (water base resist), glue sticks and a multitude of markers.

Sketching pencils, a graphite stick and 3 boxes of charcoal (willow and vine)

Couldn't resist these on American Science website also deaf cheap. Check out this website. Good, odd and cheap stuff with some humor thrown in. Just looking at these syringes makes me want to fill one with thickened dye and go crazy!! Just wait...

This is a bent nib pen by Duke. In the package of 1 pen with 2 nibs, I use this one to draw lines of varying thickness because the nib easily slits open making a wide line.  I'll demo this later

A "Brush" pen, a misnomer since it isn't a brush but rather a fibrous tip that can be used in cartooning or just plain sketching. Very nice and cheap. From Japan.

A water brush. The handle of this flat "brush" is filled with water for water coloring. Easy and fun to use.

These are 3 round water brushes in different sizes (cheap - Blick)

Never underestimate the usefulness of a brush handle end. They serve all sorts of uses including "dot" making. More will be done with this later in mark making.

Cheap brushes

Three kinds of chalk: The Crayola (seen above), a big set from Michael's ($5. w/ a coupon) and a box of white chalk for $.29 - the bargain of the century. These are really fun to use.

Wide format printer (Epson) for $99. They are a bit more but still dead cheap for what you get.


  1. Poor ex husband. You have a lot of humor (smile)

  2. Question, Beth... I keep seeing bloggers mention white gel pens, but I'm having a hard time finding them either in stores or online. Do you have a source you can suggest for them? Or maybe the brand name?

  3. What an amazing collection !! Do you have all of them??

  4. PS - they all look so complete, oh and I hate clowns too :-)


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