07 January 2013

The Book of Marks

** I am popping this in here so that you won't miss anything. Beata Keller-Kerchner is doing an indepth series of posts about Human Marks. That is the title of the workshop I am taking from Dorothy Caldwell So please bookmark her blog and travel along with her wonderful treatise on Human Marks.

I made this "altered book" a few years ago and it was innocently sitting on a shelf when I drafted it into service as my new book of marks. The pages (4 each) were stitched together, primed with gesso and tinted with pastels and watercolors in anticipation of what I would put on them.

Here is half of the book:

There is an explanation of most of these marks here. There are new marks at the bottom of the post.

This was black latex house paint (note to self: Don't use house paint again). It was too fluid and didn't drag well.

Cardboard stamp and painted finger prints

Smacks on rough wavy paper

Pierces (going in) I felt a bit "psycho" stabbing my awl through this page and into a padding of foam.

Check back in two days for the other half - all new marks...


  1. Fabulous! I look forward to following your progress!

  2. That awl thing gave me the giggles. You've got some great marks here! :)

  3. great experiences. Sketchbooking is great fun, isn't it?


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