16 January 2013

Mark making tools - Purchased

These are some of the tools I have purchased for mark making. Some were not intended to make marks but they suited.

I bought these "squeegees" cheap - maybe Blick? I have never used them but I will and report on them . I usually use the Speedball 9" fabric squeegee for silk screening.

Jane Dunnewold talked about Bondo scrapers a lot and I finally found the at VIP Auto for about $6. for three. I can't find the smallest one - must be buried in the debris. Oh, if you pull with one side of the blade (the side without the name on it) you get a sharp edged scrape - very nice. The side with the name on it is more rounded for when you are looking for a smoother pull. I use these on many things but they are particularly great on thermofax screens.

Handles. They can be hard to find and very expensive. Check this out!!  You will see in my next post what I use these for!!

From the top: My expensive Lamy Safari fountain pen from Germany (save yourself money can get refillable ones at Staples and follow this blog post on how to refill them), a graphite stick, an eraser (yes, you can make marks with an eraser by removing graphite - like discharge). correction fluid and an awl.

Spray bottle will diffuse color, India ink - has shellac in it so don't put it in a pen, and dead cheap acrylic paint from Blick.

Fiber tipped pens from the $ store

Watercolors. If you buy cheap one which are good to experiment with, use the spray bottle above to wet all the dark paint in the pans and wait a few minutes. The colors will be much more saturated.

Crayons and "China" markers - two of each color

Candles act as a resist on paper as do these oil pastels (also dead cheap)

Foam paint roller, lint brush from the Dollar Store covered in rug pad on a heavy cardboard tube and a hard brayer.

I purchased these to use with soy wax.

* I bought this for a gift for a friend over 20 years ago. Please someone take it so I don't have to throw it away. Leave a comment. It's 12 X 18.

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