24 January 2013

Looking for marks

Yesterday I went out on the beach at sunset. Very cold but picked up rocks, shells, sea glass and sticks. I wore gloves and stayed out about a half hour. My hands were aching from the cold. I really wished I had taken my camera because the ice at the oceans edge was beautiful.
I just came back from a photo trip - maybe 2 minutes. It's 3 and feels like -12. My fingers hurt so much I could barely drive home (2 blocks). Earlier today I grabbed something and my finger split open. Yikes. Don't ask me what I was thinking. I brought mittens but had to remove them to take the photos. 2 MINUTES. Interesting lines though. No where NEAR like yesterday - sigh!

If you would like the full file image (these are small and with low rez), just let me know and I can email the full images to you. I cropped a few to show the potential for an art piece. The slit of an island far out and to the left is Islesboro where John Travolta and Kristie Alley live along with about 500 other people.


  1. Wow, that is soooo beautiful. You are living in an ART place.

  2. Great shots! The frozen wave shots are really interesting. As for the split finger, boy do I relate. My thumbs split every year, and I get cracks along my other fingers as well. Slather on the lotion, and I hope they heal quickly!

  3. Beautiful pictures of winter by the water! I live about 40 minutes from Lake Michigan but haven't thought to venture out yet.

    Sleep at night with vaseline/bag balm covered by a pair of cotton socks.

  4. Great photos! Here is cold as well but not as beautiful!

  5. Wonderful images. I'll have to send you some tropical views to warm you up! Triple antibiotic and bandaids
    have worked for my splits.


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