02 January 2013

Holiday Surprises

Happy New Year every one. The winner of the Fiber Art Magazine is Kathy.

Just had to share these amazing gifts I received from my blog friends. I was totally shocked (like really stunned) when I opened this gift from Kit Lang. She included this amazing three dimensional card

and then I opened the package beautifully wrapped for Christmas. Being Christmas eve and my not having an resistance (I was so puzzled at what she might have sent), I went ahead and carefully opened it and this is what I found:

I started to yell, Oh my god" over and over while I ran around my studio. What an amazing gift. Below is a close-up of the body with each feather applied one at a time. I just love it and have hung it in my skylight over my desk so I can see it every day while I am working. 

Breast feathers (small and amazing)

Amazing tail feathers

Marcella saw these very unique watercolors in a book. She bought a "book" for her and one for me too.

They are heavily pigmented pages of color which are lightweight and can be taken easily in purse or backpack for plein air sketching. What a clever product.

All you need is a waterbrush.

This has been a year to remember...


  1. What beautiful gifts you received! Enjoy!

  2. :)

    Those Peerless watercolour things are really cool - there's a local fiber artist I know who uses them and they're awesome. She also uses a waterbrush with them - have you tried that yet?


    The combo looks really cool!

  3. Wow, they spoiled you! Enjoy.

  4. I love the light. In the 3d card, how very special!! But you know what they say, what goes around, comes around, you are such a giving personality yourself.

  5. Happy New Year 2013, for you, Beth!
    La Multi Ani 2013!

  6. Wow, what a beautiful gifts! But you deserve it, you are also always very generous.


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