03 October 2019

something I did during the Maine Event

We ran out of nutmeg dyed fabric and started making black marks on white fabric which, after it had dried, I over dyed in nutmeg dye. Some came out fine where other had the black dye marks fade and "grey" the nutmeg which was sad. I did two pieces on white, one came out great and the other dulled and faded. Both were different fabrics.

Marks made with a piece of terry towel over my finger dipped in black dye on white fabric This idea came to me in a dream the first night of the Maine Event.

Marks made on white then over dyed

 This was 1/2 nutmeg and 1/2 dusty orange. I will make a few more of these pieces dyed  in half and half. This is from the batch Marcella and I did on our workshop preparation date. This is the piece I made the pillow with.

Another thing I did was make a gyotaku print on white pretreated fabric. Then I dipped it in the indigo vat but the indigo overpowered the print. I washed it HARD by hand with hot water and lots of soap to lighten the indigo. It lightened and took the print with it. I reprinted the fish on the cloth and let it dry then sprayed front and back with soda ash. Here it is.

There is a bit of a shadow of the former black dye but if you didn't know you wouldn't suspect.


  1. I love the stitching on the pillow cover, really pops!

    1. and I loved doing it!! Will do at least one more since that one is sold.

  2. The stitching on your pillow cover brings the print to life. So good!


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