30 September 2019

Interfacing stencil workshop

This is my last workshop this year. As I mentioned before, this is my last year offering workshops which in some ways is sad but will free me to pursue my painting and some mixed media work.

I had 2 experienced participants and two newbies to silk screening. They were champs which was great because it could have gone the other way!!!!

a interfacing stencil on the silk screen

I love the directionality of the print on the left

First round with first stencil

Starting the second round after lunch

These are hard to see wet but there are fish and waves. Very effective. This was drying on hot asphalt before the final step.

She wanted to eliminate a lot of the white

Interesting marks

More interesting marks

Again, white areas filled in after drying the stencil  prints

Table covers. These two tables had 4' X 8' cotton covers. All of the work students and myself did left dye and wax from batik on the covers. At the end of the day when everyone went home, I took all of the left over thickened dye and applied it to the covers. I left them over night only because it started to rain and rained all night. Next day I hung them on the line to dry. Crumbed off as much wax as possible and ironed off "most" of the wax. Then into the washer and dryer and on to the ironing board.

Good night wet studio

Goodnight Art Greenhouse

 Thank you for 11 years of fun and fellowship.


  1. Time to get your breath back! have a good rest.

    1. I slept 10 hours!! Now I am cleaning up and organizing and getting ready to start lots of great projects for myself!!

  2. Wonderful class to end on! I love all the wonderful, colorful prints, and bet your students got a good taste of screen printing... hopefully enough to encourage
    them to do more. And I look forward to seeing your future projects! You have a wonderful creative space there.

    1. It was a great workshop to end on. So positive!! The student work was amazing

  3. End of one era; beginning of another. The sky is bright ahead as you look forward to a new focus...but your "goodnight" photos defonitely put a lump in my throat. May you enjoy the next chapter of your life. Xoxo


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