31 October 2019

Plant Journal

All year while I have been so busy I have been seeing fabulous pictures artists are making on Instagram. One is a woman named Louise Watson. She is a superb embroidered and makes a lot of landscapes (which I love). She also has a perpetual flower journal and everytime I looked at a new sketch, I wanted to join in but no time during the summer. Well, the workshops are done and now maybe I can squeeze in a few remaining plants before the frost takes them all away.

Oh no! No blank sketchbooks!!! I had to make one. I ended up make four covers and stitching three books to completion. Here are the papers from a previous paste paper session.

Paste papers

Each half sheet which will cover the front and back book board

I had a fourth set of book boards so while all the supplies were out I thought I'd cover them in case I wanted to do another book

Book board covers cut

end papers

Cover and end paper glued in place

then wrapped in waxed paper to dry flat under a mountain of heavy books

The corners that were cut off the papste paper. I always save these little gems because I can't bear to throw them away.

Dried and read to punch spine holes

160 pages for three books

Dried covers


  1. Wow! What a great looking books they will be... Thank you for always sharing what you are doing. I don't always comment but I do like coming to see what you are up to.

    1. Thanks Jo. Did you know Judith was back in Indy for good?

  2. They will be beautiful, and I can't wait to see all the beautiful art you create in them! You make bookmaking look
    so easy, but I'm sure that's because you have done these so many times...

    1. You can say that again. I just found another half filled sketchbook which will extend mt experimental time from 3 to 4 books. Beats waiting for the page to dry.

  3. These look wonderful - you are so industrious! Happy sketching.

    1. Just stitched by first from the second batch last night. Very peaceful "needlework" while watching British television.


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