10 October 2019

Reconnecting with a well loved piece

One of my regrets was selling a pair of crow stitch sketches. They were done with fugitive media; materials that will disappear with washing, time or exposure to sun. These were done with charcoal, chalk and ordinary colored pencils. After it was completed, I brushed  fabric base extender over the media making it permanent. All these years later we have watercolor pencils, intense pencils and blocks and even water soluble graphite. It should be interesting to see how these pieces differ or are the same as the originals.

The biggest hurdle was finding appropriate fabric to use as a background. The originals were made on a large piece of clean-up cloth. Isn't that always the way? Lately I was reminded of a way to paint fabric and I think this may be the answer to a background.

Here is the fabric drying

and here are the original thread sketches


  1. Love the originals! Now to wait for the new version... I think of you every time I see crows and ravens, which are plentiful here!

    1. You are not the first person to mention that. They are my angels


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