17 October 2019


So now it is on from here. I just went into my latest photo file called Spring/Summer 2019 to download some photos for a new blog post. Holy COW!!! have I done a lot of work since the spring. Even I am astounded. No wonder I was so tired.

To tell about my next adventure, I have to tell you I am on Instagram. I only follow artists. I have been off Facebook for almost 2 years. The hate really started to whittle away at my soul. I do love Instagram and all the artists from all over the world that I follow. If you would like to keep up with me (daily posts) you can do so here. If this doesn't link you, my name is crowandravens.

Anyway, there is a woman I follow called Ann Rippin. On one of her posts she showed a doll she made by rolling fabric for the body parts. He was so cute and even resembled my husband back in the 60's. She offered to gift him to me and I was thrilled.

Here he is after arrival enjoying the outdoors

He also arrived with a tiny piece of patched fabric like a mini quilt top.

When I looked closely at the mini quilt I saw that each square was lovingly stitched together with tiny little stitched. I felt something that had gotten so much attention deserved to be quilted and bound. This has been my first project.

Not a hand quilter and not knowing any better, I started with plain sewing thread. I quickly moved on to my own hand dyed embroidery threads. I "tried" to make each tiny block different than the rest. You notice I said tried!! Also since chemo I have had a tough time holding a needle so my stitches instead of tiny were "crowbar" stitches. However they were lovingly made.

Then I moved on to the binding.

I had so much fun making this. I think I would like to try making more things with hand stitch. In my plans for the future are some machine free motion images of the crows as well as a portrait. At least I can try.


  1. I love this! First off, the doll is so cute! But your mini quilt takes me right to Stitch Meditations, a group I belong to on facebook. I know you aren't on it, but look up Liz Kettle (https://www.textileevolution.com) and Julie Basseches Booth (http://www.threadbornblog.com/). Liz started the FB group, and both are frequent contributors. Lots of tiny stitching going on there! And of course Jude Hill (https://spiritcloth.typepad.com/spirit_cloth/). With winter coming, it's always good to have handwork to work on. Hope you do more!

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    1. Thank you Carmina. I feel the same. Himself sits beside me evry day while I am on my computer (which is a lot of time).

  3. What an awesome doll!! And yay you for the stitching on the quilt!! I love your blog and even though I don't have an Instagram acct I will get one just to follow you!! Thanks for sharing. Pam

    1. Instagram is great. If you click on me you can see who I follow. You can click follow and follow them too. Loads of fabulous artists!!


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