28 October 2019

Crow Three

While I had the batik fabric out, I cut the size piece I would need for the last crow in the same size as the others. I thread sketched the last crow which I'm not in love with. I think I need to add a few tiny hand stitches around the beak. Also color will bring him to life.

Here's the P.S.
The more I looked at this, the more unhappy I became. I started to unpick the beak, then I noticed the tail, then I said, What the heck. I found a similar batik fabric I had made on the same day a few years ago and completely re-stitched the entire bird.

See the difference in the head/beak front edge of wing and tail? MUCH better now.


  1. They're both amazing, but yes, I see where the second one is a better result. I'm amazed at how you can do that, do you trace on the back and stitch from there?
    Can't wait to see the color added!

    1. Thanks Judy!! I am so glad I went back and redid the whole thing.

  2. It's fascinating... the differences are quite subtle but overall the second crow is much better. Good job spotting the problem areas. I would have been looking at it forever with no clue.


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