01 May 2017

Two things

I am taking this opportunity to show a thank you card I received from a friend and "Give-away" winner, Deborah. She sent me this card and I felt I had to share it because she made this herself. I make cards too but this took quite a bit of time and effort. The back ground is painted and "spattered" and the word, Thanks, is made up of tiny little pieces of paper. It is really special. Thank YOU Deborah!!

Lastly, I wanted to show two new "items" I've made from a recycled salad box. I actually have a BS and MS in Environmental Science and Policy and started out recycling back in the 60's. Kind of catapulted me into the two degrees.

The first is the lid of the box which will make a great palette for rolling out paint on a brayer. Very cool. 

The second is the box that contained the greens. It can be used for LWI dyeing for friends who come to play unprepared. I have a lot of these boxes but I just recently kept the lid for printing.

I love finding way to keep plastic out of the trash stream. I also belong to a special recycling program which takes 1-8 plastic, plastic films, old appliances and well as the usual metal, glass, paper, cardboard.


  1. I'm right there with ya! I re-use microwave dishes as paint palettes, empty dye containers for a variety of storage, and recycle anything I can, including taking glass to a recycling bin, returning plastic (shrink-wrap, newspaper bags, the few plastic bags from the store, etc). We had our annual Recycle Art Exhibit last month, and as usual our community came up with fabulous art using cast-off items, including pieces of broken plastic snow boards that were discarded by people at our snow play areas. Been a recycler & re-user for a long time!

  2. Glad you like the card, Beth! And thanks for the shout out! It was really fun to make, especially inspired by your generosity!

  3. The card is special and colourful. Great ideas for reusing plastic.


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