03 May 2017

Take away box

Every time I take leftovers home from a restaurant, I am tempted to make a take away box. The "pattern" is free and it comes with all the parts you need (wire handle).

I needed two pieces of fabric 14" X 15". The wire handle was 10 " long if you wanted to make your own. This would have been great in paste paper or if I had used a more rigid interfacing. It's a bit "weak" but it was good fun.

Iron on fusible interfacing to the wrong side of the fabric.

Fuse the two pieces together. This is where I would add a heavy interfacing inside the sandwich next time.

Cut out fabric

I used a fiber tip writing pen and traced the shape as well as folding the box and marking the fold lines.

I ironed the folds in the correct direction.

I punched the holes for the handles with an awl and the slit for the tab.

No great shakes but a fun project for a morning!!


  1. A great idea and nice little box.

    1. Just something I always wanted to do.


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