19 May 2017

Making Sky

I decided to make some abstract sky today and I like he way it turned out. I also made some realistic (sort of) sky with a horizon of trees. I haven't washed anything out yet but the fabric batched and dry looks good.

This was the batik sky and I really like the bottom most panel. I had started to "roll" it up to package and batch but took a few pics first

Love this

Sky fabric I dyed about 6 years ago

Two other appropriate blue pieces for sky plus a plexiglas palette for thickened dyes and a natural sponge to apply the dye. 

First touches of chartreuse


This is the cotton cover after the dye painting


  1. Your landscapes have inspired you! A gift from the heavens...In French, Ciel means sky and also means heaven...

  2. Loving these.


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