15 May 2017

The other big piece and some general info on my padded table.

Many of you have seen my padded printing table. I keep a piece of flannel sheet on it to protect the felt and then added an additional piece of nice cotton to catch drips and drabs.

This piece of fabric has been on here over two years. It has it share of dye here and there and after the last three days with Judith and I, it also had a ton of wax from out batiking.

I felt it was "done" and made up some "Bubble gum" and "Olive" thickened dye. I also had two "hair color" bottles in the refrigerator with purple and turquoise thickened dye from I can't remember when. These "hair color" bottles don't have caps so I put a glass headed pin in each to seal them. I guess it worked.

These are detailed pictures of sections of the table cover as I scrapped thickened dye over it using a credit card.

When I was done with the dye, I had to spray the entire piece because it was not pre-treated with soda ash. My arm may never recover... You can see how wet it is. I folded it without any barriers because I have found that the dye doesn't transfer. I put the whole thing in a plastic bag and left it on my warm asphalt driveway.

This is the flanell sheet layer. I decided to remove it and wash it because it was a bit damp from all that spraying.

This is the base table. It is a piece of 4' X 8' plywood with pressed foam chunk rug padding covered with acrylic felt and stapled on the underside. 

The foam padding

The legs are four folding horse from Home Depot.

Drying on the line

Washed and dried

These are the two side it was hard to see.


  1. Thanks for sharing this process, Beth. VERY inspiring, and a treat for the eyes...

  2. You were able to see this too!! I LOVE this cover.


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