28 April 2017

Taping/Framing a thermofax screen and Book winner

I wanted to make some vertical organic lines on my horizontal screen prints. I don't know if it will add or detract from what I am intending so an experiment was needed. I made some lines on a sheet of 8.5 X 11 paper (A5) and photographed them. I called one grass and the other wheat. Really clever, eh? I sent the images to Lyric Kinard to make thermofax screens. She has made literally all my thermofax screens. Her prices are great, she has a fast turn around time and I love the quality.

I like to "frame" my own screens in Gorilla Tape to #1 save money, #2 to have flat screens that are flexible and #3 won't collect paint or thickened dye in the spaces the rigid frames have.

The screen upon arrival

Gorilla Tape - no substitutes - they will be inferior

Cut the first piece of tape the length of one side

Place screen on tape a bit less than half way

Carefully fold tape so that the side edges meet as close to exactly as possible; like selvage to selvage if it were fabric.

Do both side edges

  Do both long edges. Now your screen is framed in tape. Always remember if you are using acrylic paint to place the screen in a basin of water immediately after using it. If it dries even a little, the paint will clog the pores of the membrane and you will lose the screen.

The book winner is Sandy B
email me sandy using the contact form at the bottom of the blog


  1. Congratulations! I am really impressed with your so diverse activities. Even though I have not always mentioned a comment, you must know that I am following your posts and amazed you with your intense activity. I think I should follow you, but in the last month I did not have a good health because of a virus!

  2. Congrats to Sandy B. Love the look of this screen.


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