29 May 2017

Deconstructing the screens

The screens I had deconstructed on the last post came out very anemic and needing more layers. If you remember a few weeks ago I made some thermofax screens expressly for these anemic prints. I first started using the screens each, together and staggered THEN added more color by deconstructing the screens I had previously set up. Here they are:  

You can really see the "wheat" screen on the light background. 

The beige linen was SO DRY, I started my spraying the fabric with soda ash water THEN screening on olive dye using the thermofax screens. The one above is "grass" below and "wheat" above.

Here is another on a stronger screen but I still added more color with another screen.

This is my absolute favorite and probably the first I will put in a finished landscape. I will have 3 landscapes in a show and sale (emphasis on the sale) in Deer Isle Maine next month. Wish me luck.

Just a deconstructed screen (for now) who know what I will do with it in the future.

One "interesting" print and three great future landscapes.

 bottom screen flipped to correct perspective
 Love this one
 Interesting and maybe a great one. We'll see when they are washed out and ironed.


  1. It's absolutely fantastic what you did, I like it a lot. I look forward to seeing the landscape. You saw that your example mobilized me to work. I'm glad you liked my little mixed media book. I can not use your technique because I do not have such a screen. Is it possible to do alone a own one?

  2. Wonderful, Beth! Congrats on the show and SALE! My favorite is the same as yours. Nice job!


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