26 May 2017

Finished pieces and more screens

While my deconstructed prints were drying on the line, I set up the old screens for Judith's new Play Date this coming Saturday. I photographed the washed and dried print. They are a bit faint but I DID take a chance printing them on a  medium beige linen.

Faint but looks like trees/forest - another layer needed


Nice clean up rag

Five screens done on white fabric. More layers needed but still good.

I like this too and will add more layers 

Screens set up for another go.

In process

My set-up. I am using a thin bubble wrap, burlap (dark splotch) and wrinkled waxed paper

Another clean up cloth that needs more "action"

What I made in 10 days. Thank you my muse, Judith...

Another book giveaway for those reading this post


  1. I really like what you do! Congratulations!

  2. Have a wonderful play date with Judith this weekend! Hopefully we'll finally be done with never-ending rain, cloudiness, and cold weather here soon and I'll be able to get some dyeing, painting and printing done, too.

  3. I'm keen to try deconstructed screen printing Beth - I wish I had a friend like Judith nearby!

  4. Fun to watch the process. Thanks!

  5. Wow you certainly had a great play day with Judith!! Now what to make with the fabric, huh? I love reading what you get to make. Have a great weekend. Pam Gonzalez

    1. I think you will love what I make with these but many steps to go first

  6. I agree....Wow, Beth!!!!!!


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