06 March 2017

What do you do with 36"+ of snow?

I am actually writing this after a huge blizzard of 24" of snow and it has just started to snow again and we are expecting up to 14". After shoving yesterday (oh, my aching back), I brought in a few pails of snow. Earlier this winter, Brian, my partner gave me 6 old white undershirts to give to Goodwill. I secreted them away and ran them through a bleach wash. Yesterday after shoveling I got to work on them....

This is how it all started with nice round mounds of snow. This was OLD dye that had been in my refrigerator for MONTHS - like over 6 months. It was good to use it up.

Green and blue

Turquoise and bright green

Blue and dark green (extremely old dye)

Red but later I added just a few drops of black. The black split off to purple - yum!

Red and black

Red and sun yellow

What a fun day.


  1. We are expecting winds. Not sure how much snow but maybe my hubby needs mew tee shirts. I have some REALLY old dye. Lovely

  2. One more reason to love snow. Beautiful results.


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