31 March 2017

A book cover out of a layered art cloth

I don't know how many of you remember this piece of art cloth. I made five of them in stages a few years ago. They were about half quarter size and this one started with fabric paint in purple and limey yellow. I used a square piece of sponge with dark purple paint in a line long the left side. I applied pearl paint with an X and a spiral stamp I carved from an eraser then made a seaweed shaped stamp with hot glue applying it to parchment paper to cool and harden. I applied the burnt orange paint and "stamped" it on to the fabric. The fifth layer was foil glue applied with a roller covered in elastic bands. Then I ironed on the foil which looks like thin lines more visible on the right side of the first photo. It is very obvious when the light shines on the gold foil.

I actually forgot to take pictures of the finished book cover but my friend who I sent it to took these pics for me. 

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