13 March 2017

Painted fusible interfacting

I have always loved the effects of painted fusible interfacing. I even used it on the paper in my sketchbook last month.

This is a sheet of Steam-a-Seam with the top layer of paper removed. The bondable side is facing up and it is taped in place.

I use three colors of Jacquard halo paints. These paints are blue, green and pink. When painted on, a layer of gold floats to the surface, very unique and a beautiful effect.

Here the sheet has dried.

Here is a small square cut out still on the paper backing.

Ironed on to fabric.

After the fabric has cooled the paper can be peeled

I took two picture to make sure you could see the interesting effect of the green and gold.

Always remember that after applying it to fabric, it can never be ironed unless covered with either release paper or parchment paper because the painted interfacing will stick to the iron.

Have a go and have some fun!!


  1. Great technique and lovely effect. Note to self- REMEMBER- no ironing! ;^)

  2. Love this technique - thanks for sparking ideas! Hope you let us know what you do with this next!

  3. Me too, I like to play with it !!!!

  4. Wow, this is a gorgeous result. Love the paints, I'd never heard of them before. I'll have to do a little online shopping.


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