10 March 2017

first piece finished

This was my maiden voyage. I am pretty chuffed with the results. The sun finally came out and I was able to photograph the pile of "new" dyes that I did a few days ago.

I started with a small square of synthetic felt because it is so easy to sew. The needles slides through as if through butter especially when using silk as I did on this piece.

Silk chiffon and silk open weave fabric.

 Last strip was wool but very open weave.

These are my first selections of Madeira Lana threads (wool blend) and below are most of the ones I used.

I like how this finished

And I like it even better matted

Then I put it in a 1" deep shadow box frame. Keeps the dimension and texture of the loose threads as they are and not flattened.

The finished framed piece is 9" square and the mat opening is 4.75" square.

You can have this beautiful landscape for only $50.


  1. You did something wonderful, I like it very much. Congratulations!!

    1. Thanks Carmina. I am on my third piece now

  2. Looks great. Doesn't "chuffed" mean you were not happy? I really like the colors.

  3. It's stunning.

  4. Chuff away! These are excellent!


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