15 March 2017

Second finished landscape

I am showing the first finished landscape to a friend in Portland who is interested in buying it. This is the second design and it has sold already.

These are all silks dyed by me. The sky is a cotton I dyed a while ago. All segments pinned in place.

All stitching done without the birds.

The birds added just the perfect balance in the sky.

Close-up in mat

Matted and framed. Now I am out of frames but will be going to Boston at the end of the month to renew my stock (smile). I am doing a night landscape next.


  1. I really like your landscape. You managed with some little pieces of fabric and stitching to make a real masterpiece. Congratulations!! What is the size of it?

  2. You are onto something. These are fabulous

  3. I agree with Elle. Your are on to something. These are gorgeous.


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