24 March 2017


I have had to throw 3 shirts away lately because they were shredding (falling apart). Sad day. I just happened to be passing by the Goodwill and stopped in to check it out. We were expecting another snow storm so the lot was kind of empty. I ended up with 5 great shirts and even a pair of boots (finally). Yes, I've been wearing sneakers in all this snow we've had.

Anyway, two of the shirts could use a little dye even though they really weren't that bad but I had the need for color. I didn't realize how many tattersall shirts I actually had but none of them were turquoise. The other shirt was an odd brown which I thought would benefit from a bit of purple. Both were LWI and I did expect that mottled color but the brown/purple shirt was a happy surprise. Trust me, no one will have a shirt like that




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