17 March 2017

Second marked sketchbook

I made two more "marked" sketchbooks; one was for me and the other I sent to Marcella for sharing her gelli print pages. One thing I forgot to share with you were the marked pages. I just had a post of the last batch of stamps and stencils but not the pages. I should have taken some close-ups before I tore them down into pages. Just a few pages:

The green square was a stamp. The circle in a square stamp is on left page

Love the feather and the effect of the sponge stamp. This is for you Elle!!

I love that noisy monoprint

At the top is the large corrugated circle for you Deborah.

The circles were yummy.

Corrugated square stamp.

Sponge circle

And my favorite crow stamp. I used this stamp as my signature on quilt for years.

I kept this book. The paste paper was made with just plain green paint but then I scribbled with water soluble oil pastels. Marcella showed me this technique. I LOVE it.


  1. I always love seeing your crow and feather stamps.

  2. All wonderful! I DO love the corrugated circle! :)

    1. I use corrugated cardboard for lots of stamping. On edge is great too.

  3. The marks are like little people, they have a life of their own!


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