18 July 2016

The Garmin Lady

I love any electronic doodad that comes down the pike. One thing I never thought I needed was a Garmin GPS. When I flew to Columbus, Ohio, I rented a car and drove to Wisconsin the next day. During the week I drove to many places and had no idea how to get there. I have a smart phone but don't really like the GPS apps so I broke down and bought a Garmin. I am now in love with the Garmin lady. She takes me every where I want to go and I have free map updates for life. Does it get any better? I can't believe it has taken me this long to get one.

When I got home I had three separate piece: The Garmin screen, the charger and hook, and the sand bag mount that sits on the dash board or in my case, the passenger seat. Now I needed a neat container to store the pieces.

Yes, the screen is in an old sock. The sandbag mount is brilliant

This is a piece of Laura Kemshall's fingerprint fabric. Doesn't it look like a desert landscape?

Folded in half and ironed

 Opened with some batting

This may not look like it but this variegated thread worked perfectly for the quilting.

The Garmin lady's new home


  1. The printed Laura's piece looks awesome and now you have a nice and useful bag.

    1. I love these triangle bags and it was fun to use one of Laura's fabrics!!

  2. The stripe accent is great!

  3. Brilliant! You are so clever!

  4. Yay for triangle bags!! As you know, I am a big fan. I never heard of a Garmin and still am not quite sure about it...Old fashioned is me...

  5. I agree with Marcella, Brilliant!


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