15 July 2016

Putting the Blue Book to bed

After saying that I almost always finish what I start, I am putting the Blue Book to bed, as in throwing it in the trash can. The main reason is that the pages (3 and 4 sheets thick) stitched together are too thick and the pages themselves are hard to work on. Had I started in a "normal" watercolor sketchbook, I don't think I would be stopping. Anyhow as soon as I get my package of art supplies from the Kemshalls, I am starting their Sketchbook Workshop. Meantime, here are some of the pages I started in the Blue Book, never to be seem again.

There are some damsel flies

 This is a sheet of tracing paper from another post that I smeared paint on with a credit card - a favorite tool.

And here I had folded the tracing paper over onto the next sheet and I was going to continue the design/color across another 2 page spread.

Night night Blue Book.


  1. I love this color combination, I think it will be successful...

    1. I have made altered books before but the pages are just too hard to work with.

  2. I am learning that not everything needs finishing! Off to bed.

  3. I love the delicacy of the flies and the colour scheme.

  4. Persisting or letting go...it's not always the same decision, is it? I just read another post about letting go...Hmmm, that's 2 in a row...Is there a message for me this morning?


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