11 July 2016


I have not cooked bacon is so many years I can't even remember. At least 30 years. Well, I saw this great veggie salad on Facebook made with chopped broccoli and cauliflower but it also had 6 slices of crumbled bacon. I hate the smell of bacon cooking but went online to find a way to do it in the oven. The salad tasted great. So I am throwing away the package the bacon was packed in and I noticed this ridged plastic inside. HUM?? This looks like great stencil making material. I wanted to make a graphic stencil for rubbing as well as stenciling.

 Washed very well but still the bacon scent persists

Pen lines

Cut with a razor knife.

Graphite stick on plain paper

This is an altered book, my Blue Book, and the pages are 3 or 4 pages thick with gesso on each side. This is not the greatest surface to try to do a rubbing. The right page has the stencil under it but you can barely see the image made with oil pastels. The left page is all 8 squares that were cut out and taped into a bundle.  Better .

This is the page with water color paint

I think I will get a lot of use out of this stencil just not in this altered book. I am kind of sorry I started this "Blue Book" project in an altered book. I think it would have turned out better in a normal sketchbook. I have a few more pages done but I am not going to stress over doing a lot of work in it.

PLUS, I just signed up for the Kemshalls sketchbook workshop. I am really looking forward to this. It's a work at your own pace but structured. I do best with structure.  Maybe you can join me. It is a great value if you consider all the art materials supplied, the instruction book as well as weeks and weeks worth of exercises. I took a Crow Barn workshop for a week that was well over $1000. with travel and hotels. Compared to that, this is a major bargain. I plan on taking all four workshops.


  1. Do you mean you haven't eaten bacon for 30 years, or just haven't cooked it? I love bacon, and love how it smells when cooking. But I hate the smell of cabbage, and only eat it uncooked in coleslaw because the smell of cooking cabbage is so awful.

  2. ooh, I do like good bacon. I like your stencil,too. Course is tempting but I'm doing a fusing one. Hope I can stick to it! ;^)

  3. I don't like the smell of bacon cooking, either, but I do love your stencil. What a great idea.


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