27 July 2016

My Sketchbook Kit arrived

These are all the goodies that came in my supply kit for the DMTV Sketchbook Workshop. I bought a second sketchbook but the kit came with one sketchbook, a plastic eraser, a graphite stick, a set of dye based water colors (VERY vibrant and pigmented), a paint brush, peel and stick foam for stamps and a piece of compressed sponge which is thin when compressed and can be cut with scissors then it expands when wet for stamping.

This is my third set of watercolors that I have gotten from the Kemshalls. I LOVE them and you can see I don't take very good care of them (sad but true). I use them all the time. However I am a fanatic brush cleaner and I have some brushes that are 40 years old and I use them constantly.


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