06 July 2016

I'm Back

First piece of business is to pick a winner in the book giveaway. I used a random number generator and the number was 5 Penny Shine Gold. So Penny, drop me an email with your postal address and I will drop "Through our hands" into the hands of the post office.

For those interested in my journey. I met a cousin in Columbus, Ohio whose husband is very ill. I wanted to meet her but him as well. I am so glad I went. She isn't a computer person so we don't really know the exact connection (long story). Then I drove up to Fontana-on-the-lake in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin. There we five close cousins including me. My cousin Cyndy and I are both adopted and she was luck enough to find both her mother and father. We also met her father and she was a sweetheart.

No real illuminations for me but we will continue to look, chart and try to find lost second cousins. Being with my blood relatives was such a magical experience and I miss them all already. Thank you for you kind thoughts and wishes.


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