30 October 2015

My mojo is back

I have had a huge creative blog for 5 months. Finding my birth family took up so much time, then a trip to Little Rock followed by our move to the first floor. After getting organized in my new space, I couldn't settle but the love seat my brother bought me has become the heart of my studio. I was still blocked and someone mentioned Feng Shui. I realized how PACKED these two rooms were. I paid my neighbor to come over and move things: stuff in the garage up to the second floor of the garage, stuff on the seconf floor of the house down and things down out to the second floor of the garage. NOW I can breath. 

The biggest help was Judith coming over last Friday and telling me we were going to do anything I wanted. Our last two play dates were eco-printing - blah. So we set up my 4 X 8 print table and went to town all day. Of course I can't show you anything because everything I made was for the December FIRE blog: a dozen uses for a silk screen. 

Remember how I complained about people putting photos of their flowers on their blogs (hehe)

You can see how more open the room is with the dining table removed

The small metal box on the floor is to keep my partner from walking into the chandelier. I ordered a table from IKEA and they sent me a duvet - not kidding. No they want me to "wait a while" to see if the coffee table shows up.....

The biggest change here is the sewing table on the right. I took my machine off the dining table and my neighbor dragged that heavy bad boy down here. Although it takes up more floor space, the wall is bare. There was a 18" deep X 3' X 6' storage unit there piled to the ceiling. You eye travels across the wall making the room look and feel more spacious. 


  1. It was a work in progress...I've found that room arrangements don't always instantly arrange themselves! It looks nice, and I love the "centerpiece" of Owen in your photos! Glad you're feeling back in the MoJo groove.

  2. ooh, I can relate. Nothing gets me going better than some vitamins and moving stuff around. Luv the look of your studio! :) Not that I want to rush to December but... lol

  3. Looks lovely, and I can see you spending time there enjoying your space!

  4. Sometimes we just need room to breathe. I love the way you've moved things around. Hopefully your mojo will continue to flourish.

  5. I like how it feels on my eyes. Looking forward to seeing it in person next September!

  6. Most of us sure couldn't tell you were missing your Mojo! But the room looks great, and it can make such a difference. Looks like Owen STILL doesn't want to hang out on your love seat!


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